new concept english Book 1 lesson71~lesson100 sally要研究的重点

Lesson 71 He’s awful

How did Pauline answer the telephone at nine o’clock?

What did you say to him?

What’s Sally like?  sally是怎么样一个人?

awful 让人讨厌的,坏的


Lesson 72 When did you….yesterday?

Lesson 73 The way to King Street

Why did the man need a phrasebook?

I do not speak English.我不会讲英语,do not 强调

She said to herself 她心中暗想

Lesson 74 When did they do?

cut himself badly (cut的过去时不变)

ate it quickly         drank it thirstily   greeted me warmly             arrived home late             worked hard

enjoyed ourselves very much          swam very well

Lesson 75

Do you have any shoes like these?like these 介词短语作定语

we don’t have any shoes.

Can you get a pair for me?

They were in fashion last year.

I’m afraid that i can’t我恐怕…

Lesson 76 When did you….?

look at a photograph           walk across the park          talked to the salesman, talk with the salesman

jumped off the wall    waited at the bus stop.

Lesson 77 Terrible toothache

Do you have an appointment?您约好了吗?您有预约吗

Is it urgent?急吗

Can’t you wait till this afternoon?

Lesson 78 When did you….?

Lesson 79

What is Carol not going to buy?

I’m making a shopping list

We haven’t got much tea or coffee,  we haven’t got many tomatoes, we haven’t got any sugar or jam. We haven’t got any meat at all.

many 与much都可用于疑问句与否定句中,much用在不可数名词前,many用在可数名词,都表示”许多”,some只表示一些,比“许多”要少,但some用于肯定句

I hope that you’ve got some money. 我希望你有一些钱,I hope that you’ve got much money.我希望我有好多钱.

I haven’t got much.

Well, I haven’t got much either.

Lesson 80


newspaper/z/   newsagent  /z/  报刊零售人       stationary文具


Lesson 81

Why is Carol disappointed?  is disappointed

He’s upstairs

have a bath/cigarette/          have a glass of whisky, have dinner,, have lunch.  have有进行,从事的意思。

Lesson 82  I had …..我吃(喝,从事)了………..

haircut理发,   have a haircut,    hairdresser理发师

have breakfast      have  lunch    have tea      have dinner      have a meal   have a swim        have a bath

have a haircut   have a lesson          have a  party    have a holiday      have a good time.

Lesson 83  Going on holiday  这节引入:现在完成时

where did Sam go for his holiday this year?

Excuse the mess ,”乱七八糟,请原谅“mess 凌乱


Aren’t you lucky!你们真幸运!

I’ve already had my holiday this year!    (I have already had my holiday this year),have 为助动词,already一般情况下放在助动词后面。


Lesson 84 Have you had…?

Lesson 85

At what time of year did Ken visit Paris?

Have you just been to the cinema?你刚才有去过电影院吗?

Just like London!=Paris was just like London!,此处的just为”正好,恰恰是”的意思,上面那个just 为”刚才”

What’s on?上演什么电影?

It rained all the time. 一直在下雨

I have never been there.  Have you ever been there? never从来没有,ever在任何时候

Lesson 86  What have you done?你已经做了什么?


Lesson 87  A car crash车祸

Let’s go into the garage   ,garage车库,汽车修理厂

Let’s go into the garage and have a look at it.

Didn’t you have a crash?  crash碰撞

I brought it here three days ago.

I drove it into a lamp-post

tell you the truth说实在的

attendant接待员    lamp-post路灯柱

Lesson 88 Have you … yet?你已经…了吗?


Lesson 89  For sale

why couldn’t Nigel decide?

I believe that this house is for sale  这个房子是要出售的吧

I have just retired ,just才,刚刚

How much does this house cost?

It’s worth every penny of it. 它确实值这么多钱

Women always have the last word.最后拍板

I can’t decide yet!我还不能决定。句中的yet常用在否定句中,表示”迄今仍未“的意思。用在疑问句中时意思是:”已经“见下文

Lesson 90 Have you …yet?你已经….了吗?

Lesson 91 Poor lan!

He’s a very  nice person.
person是个体名词,它泛指man,woman或child中的任何一个,其复数形式是persons,但人们习惯用 people代替persons。 “一个人”常译作a person,而需要说明一个人的性别时,要用a man 或 a woman来表示。如:
Who is the youngest person in your class? 你们班里年龄最小的人是谁?

people作“人”讲时,是集合名词,表复数概念。说“一个人”时,不用people。当表示两个以上的人时,可用people。如:twenty people二十个人。

people作“民族”解时,有单、复数之分。如:a people一个民族。There are 56 peoples in China. 中国有56个民族。

Lesson 92  When will…?什么时候要…?

Lesson 93

Why is Nigel a lucky man?为什么说Nigel很幸运?

At the moment,he is in Beijing,现在,他在北京

He will fly to Shanghai tomorrow.

Lesson 94 When did you go to…?When will you go to…?

Lesson 95  Why did Grorage and Ken miss the train?

return ticket,往返票

What time will the next train leave?

We’ve got plenty of time.我们的时间很宽裕. plenty of接不可数名词,表示许多。

There’s a bar next door to the station.

We want to catch the eight nineteen to London.

When’s the next train? In five hours’time!

Lesson 96  When did he go to…?  When will he go to …? What’s the exact time?

Lesson 97

I left a suitcase on the train to London the other day. 几天前

It’as got a zip,拉链

There’s a label on the handle with my name and address on it.  it指代label.

This case doesn’t belong to me! You’ve given me the wrong case!  belong to属于

Lesson 98 Whose is it? Whose are they?

Does this belong to me?= Is this mine?   Whose is this/it?  It’s mine?

Do these belong to them?=Are these theirs?     Whose are these?  These are theirs.

Lesson 99 Ow!啊哟!

Must Andy go to see the doctor?

I slipped and fell downstairs.  slip滑倒,fell downstairs从楼梯上摔下来。downstairs是副词.

Have you hurt yourself?

I will phont you=I will telephone you.

The doctors says that he will come at once. 间接引语出现了!

Let me help you!let后面不要带to!

Lesson 100 He says that….She says that …  They say that…  间接引语



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